-you need strategic steps to uplevel your site to 
attract your ideal client 

- within 24 hour of purchase I will be in contact with questionaire and set up your call 

-from home page to your footer, i will read and look at 
every part of your website 

-offer a PDF of direct actionable steps 

-pre-website review questionaire to get to know
your vision, so in my steps I can help guide
you where you want to be

-1 hour call to go over pdf and any questions 

no bs! just honesty

this is for you...

comprehensive website review  

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-you want to get your work published consistently 

- you want to up level your business  

-need guidance on how to navigate getting published 

-ready to make more money 

this course will provide you with
my 7 go to steps to prepare for getting my work 
i learned these things the hard way. 
i don't want that for you. 

marketing yourself is essential 

this course is for you...

7 tips for getting published 

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-ready to turn your hobby into a reality 

- want to be seen as a professional  

-want a step by step process 

-ready to live your dream!!!

in this course i give you 
the tride and true way to make your 
business legit legal!

i am not a lawyer, this is my advice 
and what i have learned on my journey of being a photographer for over 8 years. 

don't wait, be legit now!

this course is for you...

10 tips to start your business  

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get the free course 

-need nuggets of hope to bring to life your own system 

- want to create imagery you love and your clients love   

-want a step by step process 

you will get the 5 steps i always 
take to make sure i am ready for my shoots. 
any type of shoot :). 

it took me years to long to
realize i needed a system in place
to make sure i was present and giving my clients 
the best version of my craft. 

be free to create beauty 

this course is for you...

5 tips to a successful shoot  

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-want to know my tips for how to do this

- navigating the client/planner dynamic    

-are ready to offer more of an experience to your couples 

Free to be the creative force
you want to be and to better serve everyone. 

how many times have you said...
"that is not enough time to do abc photo..." 
well what if i told you, you can control that. 

you can be a collaborator in the timeline 
process for photography. 

a great timeline sets you free 

this course is for you...

sample wedding day timeline   

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-let's be honest we all need help here lol! 

- want to feel confident   

-would like steps to make this easier each year

i have been through an audit 
and let me tell you....

it is serious and as a business owner you are responsible for all areas of your company, not just the pretty, but the 
behind the scenes too. 

I want you to help offer guidance and feel confident. 

don't cringe, be prepared  

this course is for you...

5 tips for easier taxes   

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get the free course 

-if you are looking to keep providing the best work possible  

- you want to be known for superior service and photos  

-want a guide to moving up your income per wedding, no matter where you are starting at.  

my first wedding i was paid $500. 
and now i make over 8k on each wedding i shoot. 

these are insider tricks to making your 
current weddings portfolio worthy. 

I promise this is a do not miss 

more is not always better 

this course is for you...

10 steps to up level each wedding you shoot   

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-need help on where to begin 

- want your imagery to reflect you  

-need definative  steps to getting this portfolio 

my first wedding was booked from a birthday party 
my husband attended. i didn't even meet the couple. 

it doesn't matter where you are in this journey , the point is that you start and continue. 
and if you want to make this a career and
provide a sustainable income for you and your family. 

It all starts with your portfolio

this is your chance!  

this course is for you...

how to get the portfolio you want  

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-want to feel confident in shooting in all lighting situations 

- want to repel myths surrounding bright sun 

-just want to know 

as a photographer you need to be able to 
shoot in all kinds of light. 
i think the hardest light for most is bright sun. 
majority of weddings don't only
take place at golden hour 

who cares what time it is? be confident  

this course is for you...

film shooting in bright sun 

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