This is at the forefront of everything.  Caring deeply about each celebration, you are the inspiration. Our time together will be seamless with meaningful conversation, kind directives, and advice to make your celebration all that you dreamed. Concurrently, in collaboration with your creative team, we bring to life a timeline that allows you to breath and enjoy. 
I want my couples, their family, and friends to feel I am a safe haven to let down their guard and have fun.
Finding  the best light, being purposeful, and simply being in the moment guide each press of the shutter.

"My passion is to capture images that are refreshingly unforgettable and most of all, distinctive to you." NB

Always aiming to tell your story with fresh eyes, warmth, and a bit of magic. 


Your photos will invite you to relive one of the best days of your life - I don’t want you to miss it!

Our clients value an experience that is grounded in understanding and seeing who they are, a natural cadence to their wedding day, someone who know's when to offer direction and when not too, to anticipate, to be prepared, and to document the day with honesty, an eye for beauty, and a whole lot of revelry. 
Ultimately, each image serves a purpose and lends itself to the richness that is your wedding. 
You will feel the sound of your partners laugh, feel the hug between your lifelong friends, and embrace the tenderness and pure joy that will happen. 

These are the moments that depict just how remarkable your love is - and that’s where you’ll find me. 

the experience

Natalie understands the importance of documenting your nuptials, but also the sentiment to package them beautifully. Whether it's album design or archival prints, there are many ways in which we can relive your memories.


Natalie Bray Photography is also home to a portrait studio perfect for capturing all of life's moments. I believe in real,  rooted, and beautiful. When you arrive I will do my best to make you feel at home. Inner beauty is at the core of what my studio stands for.

Sessions are by appointment only, to ensure each client gets the best care and customized experience. 

portrait studio