August 15, 2019

Joy and Matt had originally planned a large celebration in San Diego, CA. 

As they were dreaming and reflecting of what they wanted their wedding to be. Her father had the idea of creating an intimate wedding in Rome, Italy…

And of all places at the Vatican Saint Peter’s Basilica no less. 

Joy and Matt fell head over heels for the idea and now they have a story 

SO grand and wonderful and that they will remember forever! 

You can see more of their love story on Wedding Sparrow!

More from Wedding Sparrow:  “Thinking about jumping on a plane and heading to one of the most romantic cities on earth to get married? That’s exactly what Joy & Matt did and they took 40 of their closest family and friends with them. This intimate wedding is so special and I’m blown away how film photographer Natalie Bray was able to create such beautiful portraits in historic locations in Rome as if Joy & Matt were the only ones there. These images are just breathtaking and what a stunning ceremony in Saint Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.”

Intimate Wedding in Rome, Italy at The Vatican

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