January 17, 2021

3 things to remember when planning a Paris Engagement Session 

First and foremost. I think it is important to keep things reflective of your love story with style of dress and locations you choose. Always go back to this! 

Here are 3 key things to remember when planning your session in this magical city. 

Time of Day: 

Having travelled to Paris numerous times I recommend giving yourself time to get acquainted with the time zone; especially, if you are traveling from afar. The last thing you want is to be falling asleep and not feeling your best during this special moment. 

Plan to arrive a few days before your session to see sights and get rest. In doing so, you will also gain insight into the feeling of the city, the cadence, transportation, and see sites you love in person. It’s a win win! 

The best time of day I have found if you want less people at the iconic sites; such as, Trocadero, The Louvre, and Luxembourg Gardens is to shoot at sunrise. Arrive a little before, so you have time to get aquatinted with your Photographer and get set up for the locations you will be shooting at. 

Choosing a location: 

Paris is an incredible city brimming with iconic locations to have your session. 

Think about what you love. What is most important to you. Do you enjoy art? Do you love gardens? Etc. There are so many hidden gems in this city of love; as you have arrived a few days before; this is also a great time as you are walking around enjoy baguettes and crepes along the Siene’ to find those spots you are drawn to and communicate that with your Photographer. You are a team after all, and they will want to get the most authentic and beautiful images possible. 

Practical things to consider:

Any permits you might need. For public grounds you should not need, but private areas you may need to gain permission or pay a fee. 

If you will be walking to a location near by, a change of shoes is a great idea. Also, hiring a private car if you will be going to numerous locations, which can be incredibly fun. 

The session featured, we went to 4 locations with 4 outfit changes and it was truly such a fun experience. 

Outfit options. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful! Take time to try things on ahead of trip, so you are not stressed and can enjoy your amazing adventure. 

You can see more of this sunrise Paris Engagement Session and get more advice over on the wonderful Wedding Sparrow: https://weddingsparrow.com/article/how-to-plan-your-paris-engagement-shoot

city view of Paris in black and white

Clarisse & Steven have a chemistry that is undeniable. They wanted to spend the day exploring Paris for their engagement session. An Engagement session is a special time and when planning your location. There are two options. Go with what you know, a link to how to met etc. or choose somewhere you want to go and create a new memory together. They wanted something truly memorable to keep in their hearts and what better place than Paris.

With a chic sensibility for fashion Clarisse chose different looks for each location. We started at sunrise at the Trocadero with the soft morning light. Then, we moved to the gardens surrounding the iconic Eiffel Tower. Love the greenery and softness surrounding the base with the white 2 piece gown. We then went to the Tulleries surrounding the Louvre. What a stunning path way during the Fall months. The look Clarisse created was unique and oh so magical. She hand placed pearls on her neck to create an illusion of jewelry. It is gorgeous! 
We ended the day between laughs and snuggles at the lovely Les Deux Plateaux. It was truly a magical day and Clarisse and Stephen have a memory they will cherish forever

How to plan a Paris Engagement Session

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